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Warning: MATURE

Tokyo Japan

Loud steps could be heard running across the pavement, the moon was bearly visable- and the streets were dark. Most of the lamp post lights were out, some flickered- making a loud buzzing sound. Bang. Another gunshot was fired. Missed.

Sumi kept running after the male figure that was running away from her, randomly shooting his gun back at her. She quickly glanced around, what could she use around her to slow him down? She needed him to run down an alley way, and cornor him. She swooped her hand down, and swiftly picked up a rock- throwing it purposly at his right side.

He jumped slightly, shot at her, and then started to run down an alley way to his left. Perfect.

Sumi proceeded to chase after him down the long dark alley way. He noticed quickly he was running towards a dead end, he hid behind a dumpster, and reloaded his gun. She stopped, seeing him duck behind a dumpster. She slowly walked in the darkness towards the him.

He was breathing hard, but he tried to quite himself so he could hear her approuch. He could hear cars zooming by on the streets, and voices from people out in the middle of the night. Dogs barking, and the sound of newspapers fluttering in the wind. It was so dark, he couldnt see a thing. The tall buildings blocked out what little light that moon had provided.

Something places its hands on his shoulder. Panic. He tried to pull his arm away. No luck. The man stopped yelling, and stumbled back. His eye's rolled back into his head, and he fell aginst the brick building wall.

Police sirens could be hear coming closer. But they were too late. They ran into the alley way with thier guns, and flashlights. Only to find the corpus of a off duty police officer.

Sumi walked along the rooftops, she looked down below with a frown on her face. It had been over two years now, since she'd tried to kill herself. Failed obviously. That was when a Death God found me, looked like a dark angel. He saved me, and turned me into a slave. Sumi hated him for what he made her do, run around and collect souls from people.

Sumi jumped down from the rooftop, and landed gracefully on the ground. She ran across the street, and quickly walked up the front steps. She put the key into the doorknob, and unlocked it- walking quitely inside. She removed her shoes, and coat.

She quitely went upstairs, and shut her bedroom door. She looked over and frowned at the clock, it was two am, and a school night. She hadnt even got a chance to do her homework. Her parents, and teachers were going to kill her. She grumbled as she undressed, and slid a shirt on to sleep in. "You suck Death God..." Sumi mumbled.

--The next morning...


Sumi flung her hand out of her blanket, and pressed down on the snooze button. She grumbled as she sleepily sat up. Her eye's fluttered open, and she frowned, and looked over at her clock. She shut the alarm off, and got off of her bed- and went over to her closet to get dressed.

"Oh I love catching you in the morning."

"You are such a stupid pervert!" Sumi snapped at Viper, her Death God. "You suck." She stuck her tongue out at him, and pulled up her uniform skirt. She buttoned up her shirt, and grabbed for her tie.

"Thats no way to greet me, your rather ungreatful." He was looking at some pictures on her desk of friends as such, and he smirked. "Oh well she's got beautiful breast." Pointing out a picture of her best friend Milina.

"Ungreatful? Look who's talking." Sumi snapped at him, "Stop looking at my friends!" Sumi threw a shoe at him, going right through him. "Im not helping you out today." Sumi grumbled at him. "I cant miss anymore school. My parents are going to ground me. Then I wont be of any help to you. Because if I run off, they'll kill me."

"Its a damned good thing you cant die." He chuckled, setting back down the picture frame. "Oh dont worry, your going to help me out at your school today. Its one of your classmates time."

Sumi blinked, "What? Seriously!?" She frowned, "But I cant do that." She looked over to Viper, "Who is it?" He just smiled at her, and disappeared. That made her feel sick to her stomach.

--At school...

She sat in class, nervously tapping her pencil aginst her desk. "Knock that off Karashi" The student next to her scolded. She frowned, and stopped tapping her pencil. She breathed out. Rude. She thought and folded her hands in her lap.

The bell rang, making Sumi jump lightly. She felt sick, and nervous. She deffinatly didnt want to kill a classmate.

"Hey Sumi." Milina, Sumi's best friend was smiling down at her. "You look sick, and tired. Busy night? I bet you were catching up on homework." She giggled, and placed her hand down to help Sumi stand up. "Or did Viper have you running about?"

"I wish. It was totally Viper." Sumi grumbled, and stood up with Milina's help. "You know what? My target is here." Sumi said quitely, trying to keep her voice down. "I dont know who yet, but he'll point whoever out, he said. Bastards been lifting up skirts all morning. He's so embaressing."

"What? Seriously?" Milina blinked, and walked with her friend out of the classroom- into the hallway. "I heard some girl talking about some pervert going around secretly lifting skirts. Should have figured it was Viper. Last time I was at your house he was trying to fill me up." Milina grumbled. "So I wonder who it is...?" She crossed her arms.

"Ew. Really? He was totally drooling over your boobs in a picture this morning." Sumi rolled her eye's. "He's such a pain in my ass." Sumi grumbled, "I dont know Milly, I dont even know if I want to do it. What if its someone I know? I cant do that."

"Yeah. Thats sick." She shrugged, "Well I need to get to class, good luck." Milina hugged her quickly, and walked into the classroom they were standing outside of.

"Yeah-" She breathed out, and walked down the hallway. She didnt care if she was late for class, and niether did her teachers- they just were amazed when she was there. She walked over to her locker, and got out her book and notebook.

"In the boys bathroom."

"What?" Sumi blinked, and then shook her head. "No, I cant go in there!" Sumi protested, but was trying to keep her voice down. No one could see him but the people he allowed, or that happened to be gifted enough. So she didnt want to seem crazy.

"Dont make me do it for you."

"No, I hate it when you use my body." Sumi glared at him, "You do sick things!" She bit her lip, and rolled her eye's. "Fine." She put her books into her locker, and shut it. The bell rang as she walked across the hallway and into the boys bathroom. No one was in there, or so she thought until she heard the toilet flush.

Sumi froze, "Make it so he cant see me Viper." She whispered, "I wont just walk up to him." She hid over by the door until Viper did as she asked. She bit her lip, and breathed out. She walked around the cornor, and then stopped. She knew this kid, he had been her crush since elementary school. I cant do this.

"He's our target."

Tears were now in her eye's, she quickly turned and left the bathroom. Rekluse was his name, he turned to see the bathroom door closing. That was odd. Sumi ran down the hall, and swung the side door open as she quickly left the school. She stopped once she'd reached the road, and sat down on the curb- her hands covering her face as she sobbed lightly.

--The next day...
-At school.

It was study hall, the room was practically empty- and the teacher had some things to do. The class president sat in the teachers desk, reading a book. Sumi stared off out the window, still tired from the night before. She should be doing her homework, but it bored her.

"Your name is Sumi, right?"

Sumi blinked as she looked up, shocked to see it was Rekluse. "Oh, uh- yeah." She smiled, trying to stay calm.

"Rekluse." He sat down in the empty desk next to her. "Your friends with Milina arnt you?" He questioned, "She talks about you alot. Says your busy, and never hangs out though."

Sumi blinked, he talks to Milina? She questioned herself. "Oh-" Sumi blinked, "Yeah, I have a job now." She lied. "How do you know Milina so well?" She questioned, her heart felt a bit heavy- but it was quickly beating inside her chest.

"Asked her out." He replied, "Been a week or so now."

Sumi's heart dropped. Ouch. "Oh, thats nice." She smiled, still lying. "I bet she's really happy, she gets lonely easily." That was true. They both had a huge crush on him since forever. Milina was luckly enough to catch his attention. Not to mention Milina was beautiful and devloped. I was pretty, but more on the plain side.

He reached his hand out to her, as if to shake her hand out of an introduction. Sumi stared at his hand dumbly, then shook her head as she kept her hands placed in her lap. "Oh sorry, forgot to wash my hands-" Horrible lie, and it made her feel quite stupid. She blushed slightly, since now she was really embaressed. She was affraid to touch his hand, incase Viper was around- then he'd die. She couldnt do that.

"You didnt yesterday either." That caught Sumi's attention, her head jolted up- and she gave him a concerned look. "When you left the boys bathroom. I wasnt sure it was you, until earlier. Its okay. You can shake my hand."

Sumi still kept her hands in her lap. "Excuse me? What are you talking about?" She wasnt exactly sure if he was talking about the event in the bathroom yesterday. Of course he was. But she was suppose to be invisable. No one should have been able to see her. No one.

"Im like you." He continued, seeing she obviously still didnt want to shake his hand. "You wont harm me." He stood up, and looked down at her with a smirk. "I didnt think there were anyone else trapped like I am."

Sumi blinked, "Viper has you too?" She looked from her hands she held clasped together in her lap, up to Rekluse who now stood infront of her. Her eye's were wide and curious. She was shocked.

"Viper? Oh. Yours. No." He replied, "I have a differant one." He winked, and picked up his book he'd set down on the desk. "Maybe we'll see eachother more often. Milly would like that." He reached his hand out once again to her.

Sumi stared at his hand, she slowly picked her small gental hands- and shook his. He was right, nothing happened. He just smirked at her, and walked off. Sumi sat there, dumbfounded. The bell rang and startled her, she was a bit more pale- and felt sick to her stomach all over again. Luckily school was over, and she could get out of here.

Sumi recalled that she'd promised to be with Milina today, but would that mean being with Rekluse to? And did Milina know his secret? She knew Sumi's. Sumi stood up, her legs felt a bit off balance- so she had to use the desk for support as she gathered her things. She walked off down the hallway, almost bumping into people because she was paying attention. She made it to her locker, and opened it up.

"Thats why I wanted you to see him." Viper was there, "I could smell another Death God on him." Viper leaned aginst the lockers, staring down at his nails. "How cute that you actually know him. Even better that he's dating your best friend. I deffinatly see drama."

"Shut up. Your the last person I need to hear that from. You just like gloating. Your an asshole." Sumi said angerly, under her breathe. She knew he could hear her, but she always kept her voice down while talking to him in public. Its bad enough when he makes her yell, and everyone stares at her. "I hate you so much." She sneered.

"Thats not nice at all." He blinked, and looked over at her. Seeing tears in her eye's, he knew he'd pushed her too far. She always said mean things, but usually didnt mean them. She was far too kind hearted. "Oh dear Sumi." He breathed out, "You'll be quite alright. There's nothing to do tonight." He lied, he'd let her enjoy a night for once. Since they'd been so busy for the past few months.

"...Really?" Sumi wiped her eye's, and sniffled a bit. She was deffinatly adorable. "Well then leave me alone. I dont want to talk to you right now." She looked over, and he was already gone.

Sumi bit her lip, and felt a bit bad for snapping at Viper. Even though he clearly deserved it. She held her bookbag to her chest, and breathed out. She was far too stressed for a highschool girl. She didnt have the chance to react as Milina grabbed onto her. She eep'd and dropped her bookbag.

"Haha, your too cute." Milina laughed, and let go of her friend- taking a step back. "So whats up with your target? Was it a loser no one noticed? I havent heard a thing about a student dying."

Sumi breathed out, and picked up her bookbag. "No." She replied lightly. She couldnt tell her friend who it was, and why it didnt work out. "So Rekluse talked to me today." She looked over at her friend, a bit upset she hadnt told her- even if they hadnt been able to really hang out other then in school. It still hurt. Alot.

OOC: I need someone to either be Milina, or Rekluse. Or both, if you want. Rekluse can see ghosts, and spirits- and has a thing for the super natural. Viper doesnt really want him dead, he's just testing Sumi. You can also be Rekluse's Death God. If not, I'll be him/her. Mature. Basically they use the power of the Death God to steal the soul from whoever thier terget is. Have fun with it! Its just an idea I got from a show.
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