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 Pay with Blood

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Pay with Blood 20040223

It is a rare moment when a man gets a choice of how he wants to die. Behind, fifteen of the greatest killers among the vampyres ranks. Ahead, a straight vertical drop into the rapids. An interesting choice, sharp rocks or sharp fangs. A young warrior stood on the edge of the cliff, if he jumps, he dies, if he fights, he knows that he will lose. He looked down at the item that got him into this situation. Placed squarely in the palm of his hand was a dark metal circle. Intricate designs crafted into it, beautiful, rare, and powerful. It was the Midnight Medallion. In the wrong hands it was an artifact of great power. He had gone through much to get wrestle it from the grasp of the vampyers that now hunt him. Luckily he snatched it up before the ritual was complete. Unknown horrors would be beset upon the earth. Nobody knew what the artifact really did, but it definately radiated a dark, fearsome energy.

He couldn't win... but we wasn't going down without a fight. He placed the medallion around his neck under his shirt and leather armor. Turning around he watched, he was surrounded. His hunters smiled, he was cornered. However they were still cautions, a dog backed into a corner can do some surprising things. He drew his sword, old yet legendary. An emerald set into the hilt, one of the few that could slay the creatures of the night. Not a holy weapon, just that of immense power. "I see your queen sent her royal guard. She must be worried." The young man said bravely. He stared death in the eyes, yet kept an unwavering will. His hunters just stared back at him. A grim smile set upon his jaw. "Come then... you have found your prey... but I wont give up easily." he said charging forward. All caution to the wind. He knew that his fight was for naught but he would not just give up. He felt their blades, their claws, their weapons. His leather armor torn, blood dripping from his many wounds. Still he fought, cleaving through one after the other... however, it was not long before he fell.

On the ground, he looked up. Coming into his vision field was the remaining vampyres surrounding him. Ten of them remained, all smiling down at him. Before darkness overtook his vision he wondered... why did they not finish him?

The remaining vampyres lifted the young man's body, muscular, but lean. His captors started to talk amongst themselves. "Why didn't we kill him?" asked one. "Queen said that there was an extra reward for bringing this one in alive. She wouldn't have minded if we killed him, but frankly I like to stay on her good side." said another. "I think I know why she wants him... didn't you get a good look at him? His red hair, leather armor, sword with an emerald set into the hilt..." One vampyre listed. "Oh god... this is him isn't it? Daniel O'Mara... a slayer." One said. "Yes... known for being one of the youngest, most successful hunters in the world. Quite a catch... and his blood smells sweet." Said another thinking about taking a quick bite. "Don't even think about it... he isn't for you. our queen will make this boy pay herself."

It was at this time the group approached the nest. A large castle, complete with many passages, halls, and dungeons... The belly of the beast for a human. Daniel's fate seemed sealed.

((Alright, Thanks for reading that. If it seems familiar it is because I have done RP's similar to this one before. But unlike last time I have actually decided to be a bit more... descriptive. I'm looking for an evil or neutral character, but good is still welcomed. Sooooo... without further ado... please join!))
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Pay with Blood
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