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 Masquerade! (Male/Mature)

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PostSubject: Masquerade! (Male/Mature)   Masquerade! (Male/Mature) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 16, 2009 8:40 am

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Behind a mask...

The melodies of the music fluttered though the ball rooms up into the rafters were people were standing aimlessly, talking about nothing that mattered. Mask’s covered the faces of the speakers and on lookers. Gloved hands griped the railings of the balcony as eyes peered down to the masked dancers below. Long flowing dresses swirled around the dancers body’s as they were spun by the masked partners. Laughter and music merge together to fill the room with a light humor of happiness. The masked ones who were neither dancing nor talking glide though the hallways, body’s sway in time with the music.

Georgiana had closed her glittering blue eyes to the world; her ears were open taking in the laughter and melody of the music. Her head was swaying slightly as a smile twitched onto her soft pink lips. A touch blew over her arm and with laziness she opened her eyes to peer over her shoulder, her eyes ran over the smiling unmasked face of Roxanne. One hand held the mask that would be covering Roxanne’s face in a short while, the other held onto the stem of a champagne glass. Slowly Georgiana turns her self so she could face the woman, her head inclines to the right, and a strand of her hair falls to streak across her mask. Roxanne holds out the glass to her. “Take it, I can ensure you that it is very divine, like going to heaven its self.”

With a gloved hand Georgiana reached out and wrapped her fingers around the steam of the glass. Taking it from Roxanne’s hand she brings the rim of the glass to her lips and for a moment her eyes once more closed as the sweetness of the champagne touched her lips. She lets out a soft purr like sound and opens her eyes, taking the glass away from her lips. “Very true it is divine.” She lets the palm of her hand rest on the side of the glass so her hand could cradle it. Roxanne placed her mask between her to hands and raised it to her face, once more putting the glittering disguise. With a few flicks of her fingers she had it once more tied in place. Georgiana once more takes a sip of the Georgiana and turned her sparkling face back to the dancer below. The beat had become quickened and the dancers moved around the floor below in a wild fashion. Fingers griped bodices as they woman underneath the bodice leaned there body’s to one side and then they were whirled around.

“Whom do you think is the masked one who invited us here? No one seems to know.” Georgiana lets her eyes wander away from the dancers to peer over at the Roxanna who was no standing right at her side. “They say he is very rich, that he comes from a very far away country but no one has put eyes to him.” A smile was on Roxanna’s lips and her eyes glowed a bit, as if she was about to find something out. Georgiana turns her eyes away from the woman’s face; there were times when she couldn’t stand to look into Roxanna’s eyes. She always felt a trapped feeling sweep over her. She knew nothing about the man who had called the group of actors and actresses to the ball.

Felling something stir by her she lets her eyes turn back up and she saw that Roxanna was once more leaving, with out a word of goodbye. Such as Georgiana was used to. For a moment she stayed were she was, taking sips from the glass every now and then. But she to turned her back to the dancer and took up the step of walking. She walked down the hallway, passing whispering couples and more laughter. She only gave the dancers below her a few glances every now and then. She wove her way though the groups of masked people to come to the edge of the long stair case. With a light step she started her climb down towards the stair case. In her gloved hand there still rested the glass, she allowed her other gloved fingers to brush over the railing of the stair case.

...We hide our true nature
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Masquerade! (Male/Mature)
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