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 Movement in the Shadows

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Movement in the Shadows Empty
PostSubject: Movement in the Shadows   Movement in the Shadows Icon_minitimeSat Mar 21, 2009 10:57 pm

Movement in the Shadows Matthew

Above the marketplace below a young man sat, looking over a piece of paper that he had received earlier that day. The sun was going down and the dusty streets below him was starting to clear of people. He reread the letter once more and sighed.

"Keath, we know that you are in the city. Our requests have been kind so far but if you continue to resist I will have to get violent. You have until sundown to comply with our demands or I will send my assassins after you. Please Keath, do not be foolish, join our clan... I do not like such competition."


Keath knew who this man was, he had received many letters like this already from various clans of thieves, but this one took the cake. He knew exactly who D. was, Lord Darune. A man who ruled the people while robing them with his own gang of thieves. Something Keath thought to be despicable. Oh well... wasn't the first time Keath had thugs set on him. Darkness had fully fallen, it was time for work.

Keath was at one of his many hideouts set in this large city. He had collected his tools and was about to head out when suddenly *thunk* an arrow hit the wall close to him. He looked and seen three men one with a bow and two others with swords. The chase was on... Keath figured that Darune was finished with empty threats.

The chase left the rooftops and hit the streets where Keath practically vanished into the shadows. The three foolishly followed. They looked to each other in the alley. "Where did he go?" one asked. "Stay on your guard." Suddenly one fell to the ground unconscious, a bump on his head. The others suddenly looked around. One looked just as a sap smacked into his head, another one down and only one remained. He gripped his sword and started swinging wildly. Keath ducked the blade and moved forward grabbing the man. "Shhhhhhhh... quiet..." Keath said whispered into the man's ear. Keath had learned a very effective sleeper hold which was currently taking effect. The assassin's consciousness slipped away. Keath threw them all in a wagon, they would be safe until morning... but that hideout would no longer be of use.

Morning came after Keath had a fairly boring night... he broke into a weathy family's home and stole jewel encrusted vase that he had his eyes on for quite a while, but other than that, nothing. He managed to tear down a few wanted posters of himself. Bounty hunters were more than likely on his tail, while other guilds and clans wanted him either with them or out of the way... life was getting more and more interesting as the days passed.
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Movement in the Shadows
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