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 Glory and Honor

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PostSubject: Glory and Honor   Glory and Honor Icon_minitimeWed Apr 01, 2009 10:40 pm

It had been five years since the streets of Kiri were covered in the blood of its Kekkei Genkai members. At one point there were six clans living with in Kiri, however due to a blood struggle for power all traces of anyone belonging to a clan were exterminated. They were hunted down like rats across the Water Country. Those who were lucky enough to escape and were able to pass on their clan abilities were often betrayed by the ones closest to them. For two long years civil war completly consumed Kiri. The village was once known as one of the Five great shinobi nations however due to war and fammen the stability of the village had decreased greatly. The Mizukage who had ordered Kiri's clans to be slaughterd had died from a mysterious illness shortly after the war leaving Kiri open to attack from its neighbors. At one time Kiri had been known for producing the most deadly of shinobi however all of that was in the past. Without a military village to protect the Water Country the Feudal Lord found himself constantly under ridicule for not stopping the civil war when he had the chance. Everything looked so hopeless for the Mist Village. Debts were piling up and soon the village became unable to bring in missions which were the village's life line. Kiri's reign of power seemed to be coming to a end...that is...until a young women in her early 30's appeared...


Five years after Kiri's bloody civil war had ended a new Mizukage took over. Her goal was to not only stabilize the village, but return it to its former glory and honor. Many questioned what gave this women the right to claim the title of Mizukage. Also, the new Mizukage claimed to be the lone survivor of a clan which had been eliminated during the war. Those who doubted the power of her Kekkei Genkai were quick to change their views. It was either that or face the wrath of Kiri's "Blood Angel." It was a name that would be well remembered. In order to retore the village the new Mizukage ordered for the return of any survivors that had escaped the war. She was advised that the chances of there being any were slim to none, but her mind couldn't be changed. Over the course of six months little by little survivors started to return to the village. The promise of retribution was something to good to pass up.

Among the Haku clan were two members, a father and his son. Haku Genzi, one of Kiri's former jounin, had grabbed his wife and his son in the middle of the chaos that filled the streets. Sadly, his wife had sacrificed herself in order for Genzi and her son, Zell to get away from their pursuers. When word got out that a new Mizukage had taken over and ordered for the return of all the surviving clans, Genzi at first doubted the sincerity of the order, however after being convinced by his energenic son that rebuilding the clan was the right thing to do his mind quickly changed. Once they arrived at the village and had got settled in they were given ID's. Genzi was to report directly to the Mizukage's office, and Zell was to report directly to the Academy since he was now 13. His skills would be evaluated and based on his score he would placed in a three man squad. Zell smiled happily as he waved good bye to his father then took off to find the Academy. However due to his 'act first and think later' personality he ended up getting lost. "Ah crap! Where the hell am I?!!!!!" he yelled out. Zell had a map, but couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. He didn't even noticed that it was upside down. Sighing deeply he dashed down the street at full speed! He wipped around a corner and before he could even blink he felt his body hit something hard. "Ah!" Zell winnced as he fell back on his ass. He frowned for a moment and looked up to see who the hell had been stupid enough to get in his way.

ooc: ok basicly this is a naruto based rp, but is centered around the Hidden Mist village. Its going to be rated M for blood, language, and sex, but that wont come till Shippuden starts. Sorry if the intro is a bit long, but I wanted to make sure that everything was clear. The rp is open so need to ask to join. Oh, and NO oneliners.
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Glory and Honor
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