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 Forgive Me For I Have Sinned (Male,Mature And Very Violent)

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PostSubject: Forgive Me For I Have Sinned (Male,Mature And Very Violent)   Forgive Me For I Have Sinned (Male,Mature And Very Violent) Icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2009 7:06 pm

Forgive Me For I Have Sinned (Male,Mature And Very Violent) 9bafbb6800a98a50-1

Rain was pouring down softly as Anna walked down the alleyway, her head was bowed a bit, her black hair was moist and stuck to the sides of her cheeks. Her hands were deep inside her jacket pockets and the hood of it was pulled over her for head. Her boots made a soft splashing sound as she walked though a puddle. Her cloths were damp from the rain. She new she had to find a place to stay for the night, her old place was now running over with people.

"Well, well lookie what i have found." Anna blinks and Lifts her head as she hears a voice behind her. She slowly turns her head so she could look over her shoulder. There was a man, more like a boy for he looked more like a teenager then a man. She slowly turns her self to face him. "Well arnt you just a fine piece of ass." The boy smirks and Anna felt her temper start to rise. In one quick moment he had her both of her shoulders in his grip. "Now, please no screaming you'll enjoy this."

At that moment Anna's temper broke and in a quick move she was out of his grip and had swung a punch the hit him right in the nose. She smirked as the guy covers his now bleeding nose. "Uh you little bitch!" He was glaring at her as he takes his hand away from his nose. "You going to pay for that!" He now ran for her but she side stepped him and grabs his hair, like hell she wouldn't put up a fight! In one swift moment she slammed his head into the wall, not just once but three times.

Anna made a soft grunting sound as she let the man hair go, he feel into a pile of trash. She was panting some as she walked over to him, he wasn't moving and there was blood running from his head. "Oh fuck..." She mutters under her breath and takes a step back, she glances to ether side of her, no one was around.

Within a moment she was out on the side walk. Her head was bowed, she didn't dare look up as people past her. Fear was now inside her, for she Had just killed a man. Slowly the tears began to fell and the mixed in with the rain. Anna lefts her head slightly as she got to the steps of the old church. She felt the urge to go inside and she quickly climbs the stairs, her wet skirts sway with her movements. Her head slowly lifts up more as she reached the top step. Her hand slips out of her pocket to press into the wooden door and she slowly pushed it open and it makes a soft groaning sound. She steps inside. As she walked down the isle she pulls down her hood.

The inside was dimly light by hundreds of flickering candles. Her sliver eyes scan over the few people that were there.Most were in shadow, kneeling praying, but there was one or two milling in the very back in the corner. She bows her head and as she reached the front she slipped her finger into the holy water and made the sign of the cross on her for head. She slips into one of the bench's and she kneels down, resting her now claps hands on the reeling of the bench. She bows her head and closes her eyes. "Dear lord, forgive me for i have sinned..." She whispers the words. "Oh god i didn't mean to do it, my temper load got the best of me." She slowly opens her eyes and lifts her head heaven words. "Oh lord, please forgive this sinner, please guide me..." She lowers her head once more, her eyes close and she prays for help.

(Ooc: Ill take anything! Surprise me! Just no one liners and dont ask just join!)
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Forgive Me For I Have Sinned (Male,Mature And Very Violent)
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