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 The Demon Prince, Emanulle

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PostSubject: The Demon Prince, Emanulle   The Demon Prince, Emanulle Icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 12:17 pm

(OCC: Older thread, but I decided to start it here. Anyone who wants to can join.)

Emanulle didn't know why of all places he found himself in a church. It was like a sudden urge to go with no logical explanation, it was partly to take shelter from the rain outside but that wasn't really the only reason. When he went inside, he noticed it was a bit more crowded then normal. Homeless people seemed to be staying here as well, and from the looks of it they had let them stay, since this church wasn't abadoned or anything. He and Exon went on their own seperate ways again for now..there were things he wanted and needed to do by himself. The Apocalypse Demon found himself sitting alone as he watched the Nun's scamper back and forth tending to the sick people, it unconciously triggered some memories he had tried to forget..

* *

Orian had come and left so suddenly that Eliza didn't even have time to ask all the details. The only thing he had said that he was unable to take care of his son right now because it was a dangerous time, and she was one of the few he trusted his two month year-old son to. Not married and having no children of her own, she was more then happy to take care Emanulle and do a favor for her friend. It still troubled her that someone that powerful couldn't guarantee their child's safety, Orian had even looked worried, completely unlike himself.

And so when he left she introduced him to her closes friends: Father David and Mother Terra. An nice old couple that ran the small church in their village, she was sure they would have liked him. Upon introduction, Mother Terra was unerved about the child when she first held him, almost to the point she had dropped him. Emanulle showed very little signs of being any different then normal babies, being born with his father's thoughtful gaze. Father David wouldn't hear his wife's private concerns, instead he fussed and tickled the infant like a proud grandfather. He did however give his wife leave of taking care of Emanulle though.

As Emanulle grew, Mother Terra wandered what devil madness had seized her that day. A clever well-mannered child he had a gentle voice that only rose when he sang the praises of the Goddess in services. Emanulle seemed to be at ease the most around his elders and in Father David's large libary. While not an unfriendly boy, the more active children were bored with dreaming and not doing, just like he was bored with doing and not dreaming. Mother Terra had concluded, with a chuckle that he may very well succeed her husband's life of books, except Emanulle actually read them.

* *

"Aunt dad a bad man?" Emanulle finally had the courage to ask a bit timidly as if he had said a bad word. Soon it would be his seventh birthday so maybe that had something to do with him asking questions about it.

An sad smile graced the older woman's face, she knew the question would come eventually. It must have been the rumours, since some of the village was finally becoming quite fond of Emanulle, they assumed his father was worthless since it seemed he was abadoned even if it wasn't the truth. "No, he was a fine, proud man." She never told Emanulle about his father or what he really was, it wasn't the right time. Eliza would let his spirit shape him, rather then his blood. He to needed to learn that lesson she once had.

She didn't doubt he would.

"..Then why did he go away?"

She drew him in close. "Sometimes we can't always be with the one's with we love we like best. And sometimes you have to go away to protect them. But you're father loves you very much. The people you love never leave you're heart Emanulle. My heart is yours. Your heart is mine." She coaxed a warm smile which got her one back. "Right?"

Emanulle answered with a tight hug.

* *

Emanulle had chosen to seek his solotitude outside these days, but this time he wasn't alone. Norias, the blacksmith's son had chosen to come along, though he had no idea what he had done to get his attention, since he was usually more quite and soft-spoken the most of the other children.

"Wanna climb the tree?" Norias asked for about the hundredth time that day, Emanulle had lost count of how many times he had been asked that very question, he had stopped counting long ago. The young boy mearly shook his head in reply, trying to lose himself in another book Father David had given him, it had gotten his attention, which was something that wasn't always easily done.

"We'll, I do. How can you learn anything if you don't learn to play?" The other boy asked as he climbed up the tree, trying to occupy himself before he got to bored with Emanulle just reading and not doing anything. Moments later, the younger boy tumbled down the tree with a shout of surprise, yellow eyes of an some kind of hellish monster came into view. No emotion were in it's predatory gaze before it leaped at them and they screamed.

Emanulle couldn't recall what happened next if he wanted to. It was like some protective switch had been turned on. When he came around, he was alone or so it seemed. The beast was dead, various wounds around it's body. He to wasn't completely unscathed, realizing some of the blood was his own. Norias was there obviously in shock, he seemed a scared of Emanulle like he was the same monster that layed dead on the ground. He felt unclean, with in and with out so he had left quickly with out a word, making an excuse to why he was bloody so his aunt wouldn't press. Time spent not spent on chores were in his room, hands clinched white in prayer.

Was it the work of the Goddess to save them? That power hadn't felt like the miraclous strength the saint and heroes in the holy book had, but something else. His aunt and Father David had told him in the darkest hearts were a flicker of light and even the lightest casted a shadow. But what lay in his?

Norias fear hurt, but he felt it himself.

That morning on the third day, Emanulle went back to retrieve the book he had dropped by that monster in the hours of the morning. The dew made the book wet as he picked it up with trembling hands. He almost wished Norias was there annoying him again.


He suddenly found himself pinned agaisnt the tree, three boys one of them he regonized as Norias were three, knives they had snatched from their mothers kitichens were in their hands ready for use.

"Show yourself!" One of them shouted as the blade went dangerously close to his neck.

"I'm not. a.." Emanulle had started but flashing blade drawing a bit of blood insisted other wise.

"Yes you are, you are! I watched you!" Norias cried.

"Confess, or and your aunt will burn in hell!" The other boy said one more time, getting more agressive. It was that time Emanulle blacked out again for a moment, but this time no one was killed, though the same boy was a bit wounded. The others, shocked took him and ran back off in the village. Emanulle didn't care, he only had one thought in his mind as he ran back into the village. Eliza seemed shocked to see Emanulle bleeding a bit.

"Emanulle! Who did this to you?!"

He fiercly shook his head, leaving no room for her to say anything. "N-no time. They want to hurt you, you have to run!" She pressed close to him as shrieks and furious shouts came around as a mob closed in.



Neighbors that had smiled at them or sang along side them in chuch were now twisted and disorted in anger and fear. They saw now what they beleived be some type of horrible monster, and the wounded boy had only added fuel to the fire. Eliza stepped forward to protect him, as if she could do something arms spread wide. "Please wait! He was just trying to protect himself he didn't mean any harm!"

"He harmed my boy!" Halkren, the Blacksmith roared as he had a spear in hand, one of his most deadly works. "That's all I need to know."

"Death to the demon!"

"Death to the witch!"

Eliza whispered queitly over her fear. "Emanulle, you have to escape." He didn't reply verbally but only shook his head fiercly once more. She blinked hard as she came to an final decision, and wondered if he would ever forgive her. "Just as there are good and bad people, there are good and bad demons. Never be ashamed of your powers."

She looked at him with that same gentle smile she used to comfort him so often. " a good boy for me."

Halkren's spear left no more room for argument as it slid through her stomach effortlessly and she fell to the ground with out as much as a scream. The young woman was passed hearing Emanulle's cries, past feeling his arms around her neck.

"Yes! We killed the witch!"

"Next is the demon child. Kill the demon child!"

Father David and Mother Terra stood behind the chuch doors of the Goddess. It was a tragedy such a sweet woman had to die, but she had brought that thing inside there peaceful home, they would only pray the Goddess had mercy on her soul. They could not question Her judgement.

Neither of them could know that judgement was upon them. Of all the villlage. Emanulle felt that rise in energy again with a burst of red energy that covered the entire village and a his own sobbing shrie

* *

Emanulle wiped his face angerly, surprised he felt a tear at all. Heh, even after all this time. Still, he wondered why he even bothered trying to help people. It always ended up hurting him in the end, even that metal girl had looked at him witih that same look Norias had the first time he met her. Sometimes he wished he was born something else, anything else, then maybe things would be different. Then again, he probably wouldn't have been the same person or had known Eliza either.

"Something on you're mind son?" A priest came over, he was surprised he even asked. Some strange company had come lately, one homeless person claimed they saw an Angel and another said he saw a humanoid blue animal with quills around here. But he wasn't one to question such things.

He shook his head. "No. Just thinking."

"Old memories huh? Tell you what, I'll talk to you in a little bit if you're still here by then."

Blinking once in confusion he went along with it. "Fine with me." He said queitly. The priest left soon after with out another word, Emanulle didn't notice or care as new people came into the chuch to take shelter from the rain every once in a while.

The Demon Prince, Emanulle EmanulleSantos
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The Demon Prince, Emanulle
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