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PostSubject: Finished - Important   Finished - Important Icon_minitimeSun May 17, 2009 10:45 am

To recap on what happened the past few months, The Mix was having an overload of pop-ups and some members had caught a virus that unabled them to get online regularly because of this problem. Conner, the site creator, was also having this difficulty and so she gave The Mix to me to watch over, though there is always a chance she'll return (you never know!) I myself haven't really gotten a chance to get online to take a good look at The Mix, but I've tried to keep in contact with some people.

I failed in finding a good alternative site for The Mix to move to, but someone told me that they once had pop-up trouble and all they did was recreate the site using the same host. Soooo, after finally figuring out how to use the tools to build my first website (woo!) we will hopefully stop the trouble of pop-ups (though I don't guarantee it...D=)

I strongly suggest that you save any RP's here on this site and either transfer or just safe to your computer because I'm not possitive how long The Mix will stick around. The activity since the problems have dwindled and I don't know if these websites to what MSN Groups used to do before they were taken down. SO SAVE YOUR RPS OR TRANSFER THEM TO THE NEW WEBSITE! (Bare with me....there's still a few things I have to go on the site, like add a welcome picture, and post rules up, and just small things, but the boards are up and ready for you. Tell your friends)

P.S. If you continue to have problems with pop-ups, my only suggestions to you are that you find another RP site or you create your own using a different website host. I'm sorry, but with my limited knowledge on websites, and not to mention limited time, this is all I can really do at the moment.

Thank you to those that have been patient with me.
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Finished - Important
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