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 Cold memory

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PostSubject: Cold memory   Cold memory Icon_minitimeSun Jan 18, 2009 5:19 pm

"Legend speaks of many importal entitys, and some who fall in love with humans. It is rare, however, to hear a tale suh as Niiva's. The God of snow- said to be the most beautyful of the northern lands dieties. His heard was suposed to be as cold as the ice covered lands he ruled though, focused only on the task at hand. humans who claimed to see him often told of his blue eyes that chilled past the bone into the very soul of men.

The woman, whos statue stands opposite his in the temple of Niikar, who melted his heart was the daughter of the head priest of the Higher God Moren, Ruler of life and creation. Blessed with beauty beyond any normal mortal her sweet voice entranced the God, luring him into game.

When the Priest heard of this, he grew infuriated.How dare a lesser entity even think of being with his daughter? It was unforgivable. And so he went, enraged after seeing Niiva embracing his beautiful daughter, to the temple in which he prayed so often.
'Please', he begged, 'I have served you for many years and will continue to do so untill my dieing day. Please Lord Moren, let me keep my daughter. Punish this insolent being who thinks he can have which is rightfully yours!'
'So be it. I will have what is mind and protect your daughter.'
And so the prayer was recived.
It wasnt more than a day later that the God of snow was struck down, protecting his beloved from Attack. Warriors wearing the Life crest on their chest plates opened fire on the priest's daughter, pircing the flesh of their own comrad. Insted of retrieving the woman who 'was Moren's, they did the unforgivable and put an end to an impotals life.

Greeving and distrught, she sought the help of the life god.
'Please!' she called at the alter, on her knees. 'Please. Let my tears be enough to convince you. Return my Niiva to me, great god. It is in him that I find happiness!'
But to this there was no reply. In that very temple, the God of Life got his own selfish wish as the blood of the woman covered the temple steps.
The priest found his daughter in eternal sleep, laying before the alter with her hands over her ches, her face still wet with tears.
'Why?" he cried.'Why would you take my only daughter when you promiced me help?'
To this the god answered, 'I promiced to take what was mine. For her happieness I vowed the safe return of Niiva.'
To this day some people in this village thing the ice god lives and morns with each blizzard. The temple of ice has been closed for years. But it is only legend."

A dark haired man sat in the inn, listening to the priests tale. "It seems far fetched to me." he stated flatly, not believing a word the man said.
He shrugged. "I am a believer." he stated. "though the storys undoubtedly been altered in the past hundred or so years."
"Undoubtedly." he repteded resting his cheek on his hand. "So theres no way for me to enter the temple?"
"Its sealed. Besides- why would you want to go?" he inquired as the soft flurries outside covered the ground.
"I just want to see it is all." he said waving a hand. "I was passing and felt drawn to it... I supose its because it looks so old. Kind of rare to see an old temple still standing after the war."
The priest laughed his agreement. "Yes," he said. "It is a hystorical landmark to be sure."
"... hm..." he looked out the window and pushed his glasses up.
"Is that all?" the priest asked.
"No." he looked back. "Im sorry. that was just a conversation opener." he admitted. "Ive asked any would-be priest ive met for help."
"IN what matter?" the man frowned.
"I hit my head a while back... since then, I can remember... well- anything." he blushed a bit, always feeling foolish. "Ive been wondering for about a year now."
"Oh- I see." hte priest blinked. "I'm sorry, I dont have any... magic." he chukled. of course. magic. that stuff didnt exsist anymore. ONly in fairy tales, like the ones about the gods.
"Alright... I figured as much." he saighed.
"Im sorry." the priest repeated and stood. "its getting late. You should go to bed. Traveling for so long mus have mae you tired."
"Yeah." he chukled and stood as well. "Your right."
"I dont believe I got your name,sir." the priest said eyeing him susspiciusly suddenly. It was uncommon for someone to wear a sword in the open anymore.
"Tates." he replied.
"Tates... well, Tates, take care. come by in the morning for mass." he invited.
he chukled. "Sure." Of course he didnt plan to... Once the old priest was gone, he headded to the room he was renting,eager to finaly get some sleep.
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Cold memory
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