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 Blood shed tears

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PostSubject: Blood shed tears   Blood shed tears Icon_minitimeSun Jan 25, 2009 6:42 pm

Maggie walked to class with her books in hand, typical dark make up on with modest clothing. She wore a cross on her neck and a simple silver plated watch on her wrist. she was a fairly plane girl. A nice figure, but nothing to gawk at. Her hair was a natural dark brown with hazel eyes and a soft smile. She wore thin framed reading glasses every now and again and had a set of silver studs in her ears. Very average... The only thing odd was that she was an exchange student for 2 years.
Unlike Yami. He was the guy everyone wanted. Perfict in looks and a kind personality, though also was slightly withdrawn. Captin of the track team and President of class as well. Dark hair and eyes, strate A's, and still mannaged to be a faithful friend.
Maggies best friend infact. The both of them spent alot of time together and when ever he needed advice, she was the one he would turn to as the voice of reason. She always seemed to have the right answer, to say the right thing to comfort him.
A few weeks back his girlfriend had gotten into a carcrash. And just like that- no girlfriend... But maggie had been there to help him through it- had convinced him things would smooth out over time. that she was happy now, and in a better place. That he had many people who loved and cared about him- and that it hurt them to see him so sad. That Yuki would have been sad to see him so depressed and would have wanted him to move on. [which was true].
He saw her like a sisster, loved her like one. Would do anything to help her if she ever asked. But of course she never would ask him for help. She would only offer to lend a hand to him, never seeking anything in return... And he stood oblivious to her feelings about him. As most guys do.

She sighed lightly and opened the door going inside. 16 today- and noone to celebrate it with.... Yami was sick and didnt come to school so she would have to copy her notes for him. But she didnt mind. She never would mind. For anyone though- not sould him. If anyone asked, she was the kind of girl who would give the shirt toyou off her back. Though she went unnoticed. A face inthe crowd of peoplewho simply faded into the rest of them. Never recognised as anything great.
She set her things down in her seat and sat down. She didnt have many friends. The only 2 other friends she had worked with her after school and that was it. But they were the kind of friend you couldnt share secrits with. Couldnt fully relate to them and spill your guts to. Her only friendlike that was her diary, stowed away under her pillow daily.
The school bell rang and everyone stood... as always...

Once school ended she made her way to her locker to get her tings, then headded to her bike. Noone had wished her a happy birthday yet. who would? Odds were noone even knew.
she kicked her kickstand up and left the school, going to Yami's place to drop off his notes and homework. He wouldnt remember either. He was horrible with remembering dates. Most likely one of his only flaws. It made her smile to herself and chukle, recalling the day he forgot to bring in a valintines day gift and she had had to lend him some money and watched him scramble to find roses for his girlfriend.

She got there and proped her bike against the fence, going to the door and knocked, waiting for someoen to answer.

[OOC: The basic idea is the boy- Yami- is half vampire. he knows obviously she doesnt... it can get romantic but it doesnt have to. im thinking they chat for a bit and she leavs to go to work and in that time he goes out to hunt- attacks her without realising its her. well take it from there]
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Blood shed tears
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