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 A Bad Little Pixie (Closed)

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A Bad Little Pixie (Closed) Empty
PostSubject: A Bad Little Pixie (Closed)   A Bad Little Pixie (Closed) Icon_minitimeMon Jan 26, 2009 7:36 pm

Shay ran up the stairs, giggling the whole time. God she loved to play game on others. She runs back to her room and starts to collect all the feathers and taking up a carbored thing she runs to the very top of the stairs and sets it up just so that once someone walked by the would trip something and make the feathers, but the glue comes first! And then the feathers fall down. She runs back to the room and goes to the foot of the stairs and sets up the glue buckets, it would be easy for her and him to jump over the trip wire. She turns and smiles at him. “I am doing well how did your stuff go?”
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A Bad Little Pixie (Closed)
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