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PostSubject: Re: Attack   Attack Icon_minitimeMon Mar 02, 2009 1:47 pm

Attack Neko_l12

Zie had only been in Kyoto a couple of weeks and already he had been beaten up a handful of times. He hated to just sit there but he really didn’t feel like fighting back. His pain took his mind away from the heartache he has carried with him for a while now.

It was a normal day, rude comments and jesters towards him. He just ignored everyone until he took a sudden wrong turn and bumped into someone. That’s when the first source of pain bloomed in his abdomen. He wheezed trying to catch his break that had escpaped him but before he could pain radiated from the crest of his skull. All he could do was drop to the ground and cover himself. He flattened his ears, his tail whipped wildly at first then wrapped around himself.

Zie was getting fed up, this pain was becoming annoying. There were just to many of them and there was only one of him. He made a promise to himself that after this he would get his revenge later.
Then the pain was gone, his head still spun for a minute. He waited. Maybe they were just taking a break and were waiting for him to move. He stayed where he was, maybe if he play it out they would leave him alone. Then he heard a soft voice that was different from the others who had just recently called him names in a malice tone.

He perked up one ear listening for the bullies, they were gone. They were actually gone. Zie uncurled himself and sat cross legged trying to get his Barings.

“I’m fine. I could have handled it myself”
He snapped. Zie wasn’t use to such kindness after what happened to him recently. He wasn’t about to start trusting now. Zie got to his feet and his surroundings spun making him dizzy, he felt himself starting to lose balance.

ooc: I hope this is ok???
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PostSubject: Re: Attack   Attack Icon_minitimeMon Mar 02, 2009 1:02 pm

ooc: Clamiage!!! If that's ok with you?
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PostSubject: Attack   Attack Icon_minitimeSat Jan 31, 2009 8:03 pm

"I hate all fighters."
A single snowflake coloured ear twitched, sticking out from ontop of his head. He was sixteen, an old fighter, as he sat outside of Nagisa's office.
"What you do with him, doesn't matter to me! Besides, he's a failure!"
He watched as she stormed out, glaring at him as she shoved past. He slowly looked up, his right eye hidden behind an eyepatch. The next person he saw exit, was someone tall. Someone he knew well.
Slowly, he did. He stood, looking up at this man, his single sky blue eye watching him.
"It seems you're put under my care now...any objections?"
He shook his head and the man nodded before walking.
"Good. It wouldn't matter if there were any."
He followed behind this man, this Ritsu sensei, before he was brought to a room. He sat, glancing at the man who left...a man with no ears...this man seemed his age, too, if not younger...

"Your to be transfered to Kyoto. There, you will stay. As to what will control that."
He remained silent before nodding his head slowly, Ritsu standing. He put a solemn hand upon his head.

< v//w\\v >

His eyes opened slowly from his dream. With a soft yawn, a soft sigh, he sat up and rubbed his eyes. Slowly, he brushed his white hair from his face, placing a hand over his right eye...
His burden...
His curse...
His sign...
Slowly, he stood, pulling his slim black jeans on before throwing his black draping sweater on as well. The sweater was two sizes too big and hung low, about midthigh, exposing his milky shoulders as he ran smooth fingers over his neck. He missed his old collar...
It was a sign that he was wanted, that he was possessed...
Ritsu took it away when he left...

He had to stop dwelling on the past! He wiped his eye before walking outside, his black shoes pulled on as he did. Today, he'd find him...he would, he swore it.
He walked around the neko town and sighed softly. He hadn't found him for an entire year...what made him think he'd find him now?

His ear suddenly twitched and he stopped. It was like a hum, a low pitch call...
He could hear the words echo in his head, despite the lack of words he physically heard. He didn't waste any time.
He rushed towards the subconscious calling until he reached behind a school. His eyes glowed as he watched...

"Go back to Tokyo!"
"No one likes you here!"
Sophomore students could be so cruel. He analyzed them to be about 14 or 15...he was 17. Hm...
He watched as the three neko boys kicked and punched the other neko huddled on the ground. His eyes glowed as he stepped forwards.
"I think that is enough."

The boys looked up, their eyes widening as they saw him and his odd hair, his odd white hair and how old he was.
"L-lets go!"
He watched as they turned and ran, their tails swaying as they took off. He looked back to the one curled up, ears down, tail wrapped tight...and he approached.
"Are you alright?..."
He asked softly. He could feel the hum shake his body, his heart seemed to speed a bit.

This was him.
This was his Sacrifice unit.

Attack Speedpainting2_Rai_OLD_by_enuo

(((Hallo ^^ yes, tis a LOVELESS spin off xD but, whether you know LOVELESS or not, I'd love it if someone joined~
Basically, the boy who is getting beaten up is Rai's sacrifice, meaning they are eternally bonded ^owo^ xD
So, this could very well (and probably will turn) mature~ Dunka!)))

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