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 The Dragon's Sacrifice

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The Dragon's Sacrifice 1405FG

It was raining hard when there was a knock on the carpenter’s door. The carpenter glanced to his daughter, then went to answer the door, thinking it was just another customer who needed his cart fixed. But it wasn’t. The moment he opened the door, two strangers pushed pasted the older man, and went straight to the girl.

“Are you Abigail?” the taller one demanded.

She stared at the men, frightened by their demeanor. “..Yes, I am. Why do you ask?”

“Because you’re coming with us.” Both of the men grabbed and started to pull her from the shop.
She struggled against their grip, afraid of these men and what they wanted. “Let me go!” she protested.

“What are you doing? She’s my daughter, you have no right to take her,” the carpenter growled, moving to one of the men and tried to pull her free, but instead he was just shoved a side, which caused him to fall hard on his back.

“She’s under arrest. She’s been accused that she’s a witch, and we have every right to take her away,” one of the men growled. Despite her protests, and her kicking and screaming, she was taken to the center of the village, where all of the villagers waited to see what was happening. She was taken to the platform and forced to stand with her hands tied behind her back, two guards holding her tightly.

“This woman was accused of being a witch. Is this false?” The taller man called out to the crowd. “Anyone who sides with the witch will get their throat slashed,” he threatened, his way of assuring that no one denies the accusation. And it worked, the crowd was too afraid to come forward. And everyone in the village knew her since she was born.

Abbey stared at the crowd, horrified by the thought of someone claiming she was a witch. Then several of the villagers started shouting out odd things that had happened to their crops or livestock, things they couldn’t explain. Cathryn, the daughter of the Farrier who wanted the carpenter shop to expand his business, she spoke up and with a grin, she explained to the villagers that she’d seen Abbey dancing naked in the moonlight of the full moon for the past few months.

Abbey never done such a thing, she wasn’t a witch. She glanced to the side and looked to see her father; he was fighting with the guards, to let her go. She was innocent. He was shoved aside again, but only this time, he didn’t get up. Blood rushed to the ground from a wound in his chest. Tears ran down her cheeks, she fought her captors, trying to get to her father. She felt the sting of a slap, and she sank to the ground, sobbing. “Father,” she whispered. She trembled, just sitting there, and crying. Moments later, she was pulled up and shoved in the back of a cart, one used for hauling livestock. She never heard what they were going to do with her. But once the cart came to the lands of the dragon, she knew what they were going to do. She was going to be dragons bait. A sacrifice. She was tied to a pole, and then left alone as the villagers went back to their warm homes.

[OOC: Read please ^_^ Alright, I was bored, so I typed up my idea. I need a male dragon, who can take human form. This idea is taken from Dragon's Bait. I need violence, and action in this rp. I'm not seeing this as a slave type RP, because it's not meant to be. But dragon's are unpredictable. I don't care what happens, as long as there is violence. Dragon's Bait is a revenge sort of story, but I'm not directing how it should go. Have fun with this. Oh, and if there will be romance, I'm not saying there has to be, the romance can't just automatically happen. This isn't a fairy tale where the lady is rescued, and the knight in shining armor saves the day and they live happily ever after. Romance, like all things, takes time.]
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The Dragon's Sacrifice
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