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Teacher's Pet Fido4-1

Saiyuri walked down the street heading to school. unlike most of the kids who were complaining that it was too early Saiyuri was more than happy to wake up. She had a huge crush on her science teacher, he was after all the youngest male teacher on the staff and many other girls had crushes on him as well. Of course Sai knew he would never look at her, unlike all the other girls at school she was a bit darker, much more punk then prep who work skimpy tank tops.

She got to school and sat down and looked out the window, her science teacher was also her homeroom teacher at the end of the day. As usual each class went by slowly until science when she paid full attention to everything her sensei was saying, though science class always seemed to fly by. Finally homeroom came and Sai was helping her teacher with papers like she usually did. Sure enough homeroom sped by as well and it was time to go home.

Saiyuri stayed behind to help clean up the room, many teased her calling her a teachers pet because she was always helping out her sensei more than she really needed to. "Sensei, I'm done, was there anythin else you needed help with for today?" She asked as she put the brook into the closet and walked over to her desk and grabbed her bag. She walked back into his office knocking on the door. "Sensei? If not I'm going to start heading home" She said.

((Alright need someone to play her teacher, I want him to confess to her and from there begins their forbidden relationship, will be mature for sex and language))
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Teacher's Pet
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