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 Forbidden Lust (fmale werewolf needed)

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Forbidden Lust (fmale werewolf needed) Empty
PostSubject: Forbidden Lust (fmale werewolf needed)   Forbidden Lust (fmale werewolf needed) Icon_minitimeThu Feb 12, 2009 6:25 pm

Maverik had been confused, he was told never to aknowledge or mingle with them. Werewolves were dirt, filthy animals not fit for any society. So why was he so allured by her, she was everything he wanted and more.

Maverik waited for his mate in an abanded church, longing for her gentle touch again. He had to hide, the punishment of mating with a former enemy was death. A war had broken out between vampires and werewolves, one he tried to avoid. Thier lust for one another was forbidden, by both families and yet she came back to him. That night he had one more thing for her, besides his cold heart and constant passion. The black rose was the vampiric symbol for love, an item he had been waiting to give. Tonight was a specisl night.
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Forbidden Lust (fmale werewolf needed)
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